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yet? Most of your burning questions should be answered here!


What can be designed?

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The sky’s the limit! Animation or graphic design for anything that your business might need!

What size will my project be?

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Anything you want! There are standard sizes that we will follow, but we will need your input so that we create the design to fit perfectly with what you were looking for. Check out our standard size list here! Who knew there were so many size options for a business card?



How does this all work?

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The digest reader’s version is: sign up, request work, get it designed by our team, and then put it to use -an unlimited amount of times! We have a more thorough explanation here! (Link to the video)


What does it not include?

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Printing services and costs are not included in the subscription. Unlicensed music, stock images, photography or audio will not be included but will be charged immediately if you’d like to purchase them for your designs!

Do I keep all my assets?

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Yes! They are yours and yours to keep. Simple as that.


Why an Asana Board and why do I need to make an account if I already signed up for Aniglyfx?

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Asana is our design portal that allows the entire team to collaborate and keep work organized. It is THE best flowing and user friendly project board in the market! Because Aniglyfx services are being delivered to you via Asana, we will need you to make an account so that you can request tasks and communicate with the team. Check out our video on how to create an account!

Why is my work not done yet?

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Our amazing (human) designers work from 9am-4pm (MST) to get you your designs. Quality is one of our strongest values and quality takes time. We promise our team is working on getting it done!


What’s the typical turnaround time?

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The turnaround time usually 1-3 business days, however it does depends on the complexity of project. For example, an animation video will take longer than a letterhead document. Feel free to email us if you want an estimate of how long a certain project will take!


Is there a lock in period?

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No way! Aniglyfx is an auto renewal month-to-month subscription. In the odd case that you decide to leave the Aniglyfx team, we need at least 10 days notice via email from the next payment day.

What if I sign up on the 31st of the month, and the next month only goes to the 30th?

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In the odd case that this happens, your subscription will be renewed on the last day of the month if the 31st does not exist!

When will my credit card get charged?

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Your card will be charged immediately after signing up and on the same day in following months. If you want any additional assets that are not free (unlicensed music, stock images etc.) to be purchased for your designs, those will be charged to your card as soon as you approve them!